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Dhiren Chadha

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0 years

Dhiren Chadha

4 applications
Masters Degree
Tasmania, Australia

Hi! My name is Dhiren. I’m a community services student and sports enthusiast. I was born in India, but I have lived and studied in Dubai, London and Melbourne. Since coming to Tasmania, I have been able to follow my passion of sport and build on it to assist in creating safer and more inclusive communities in the games we love. Today, I am honored to be able to work and volunteer with different organizations that support this mission. Tasmania is known for beautiful scenery, wildlife, mountains and even has the southern lights! Tasmania is also currently is home to the cleanest air in the world. But it’s so much more than that. With a vibrant young culture, a deep history, fresh produce and modern liberties, Tasmania is a haven for living a joyful and well balanced life. It is a place that allows you to be your authentic self, encourages you and supports you to pursue your dreams. So follow your dreams, be yourself and love what you’re doing. We are here to support you.

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